Project Description

Safland aims to assist corporate and individual investors by optimising property value and minimise risk and increase income to the said portfolio. Alternative methods of income generation are continuously investigated and cost reduction material investigated.

Safland’s financial, budgeting and software service offering consist of a complete set of reports which are distributed and discussed in our
monthly management meetings with each client. The client has full access to our services during a month and does not need to wait for month-end meetings.

Safland provides a complete Property Management solution to the Namibian market. We are the specialists in Body Corporate Management, Home Owners Association Management, Asset Management, Development Management, Facility Management as well as Lease Management.

At Safland, we have refined and streamlined the property management process through expertise, experience and using the most efficient data capturing systems. With these systems in place, clients can obtain information regarding their properties throughout the entire month. Some of the systems and reports which we could provide to our clients are listed below*:
• Budget presentation
• Tenant Age Analysis (Arrears)
• Supplier Age Analysis
• KPI – Expenses vs Recoveries
• KPI – Credit Control (Arrears)
• KPI – Facilities Management
• KPI – Turnover Trading
• Legal Action & Implementation

Property Management System:
• All leases captured on the system
• All invoicing is system driven
• Management accounts for each property and portfolio
• AFS’s for each property and portfolio
• Tenant billing – invoicing by 20th of each month
• Safland prepare all property budgets for sign-off
• Budgets capture on Property Management System
• All accounting is driven through the Property Management System